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Well and Good art/space

Located at the corner of Well and Good St., WAG art/space features new monthly exhibits which open in conjunction with Fairbanks' First Friday art walk.

Call for Art:

The WAG artspace will begin the 2004 season with the April First Friday and is now planning and scheduling nine exhibits through December.

The WAG artspace is available to artists that want to show their own work as well as those in the community interested in curating a group show. This is an opportunity for those that have the work or ideas, time and energy required to produce an exhibit.

Exhibitors will be responsible for:

organizing and producing an exhibit
providing event promotion
installing and removing the work
providing sales help to maintain the advertised business

restoring the artspace to its pre-exhibit condition
WAG receives a 25% commission on all sold work

If you are interested in proposing an exhibit for consideration
please contact: Mark Fejes, P.O. 70501, Fairbanks AK 99707 or 452.7570. E-mail @wagart.org.

Gallery hours are Friday through Saturday 2-6pm.


2004 Season:

WAG artspace opens the 2004 season on the April 2 First Friday with an exhibit of welded steel sculpture.

“Just Bones” new work by Mark Fejes will be on display through May 1.

Just Bones
as if dredged up
dirty with eons of stink
polished by the corrosion of age
barely washed off
hung up to dry
and sometimes a bone is just a bone

“Excavation”, 8 feet wide by 5 feet tall by 3 inches deep, welded mild and stainless steel


“embodied” an exhibit of paintings by Laura Nutter
May 7• First Friday • 5 to 8pm • Through May 22


When Icarus flew too close to the sun, he crashed and burned.

Described in paint and stone, icons of antiquity are of dual interest. They are physically perfect, yet never fail to allow their very human souls to lead them down the primrose path toward death, destruction, or at the very least eternal misery.

Lessons in futility can be discouraging, but maybe with some luck a person can learn to quit making the same mistakes over and over. Or not.

Laura Nutter

June 4 First Friday 5 to 8pm Through June 28

A workshop for emerging artists

The workshop project will be a collaborative mural on a canvas 5’ tall by 60’ produced with latex, acrylics, oil pastels, charcoal and whatever else we can come up with. Pieces of this work will be cut out, but left in place in the canvas, and sold by the workshop participants with supervision by available parents in the WAG art/space during the month of June.

“Alpha Centauri” an exhibit of paintings by Robert Fox
July 2 • First Friday • 5 to 8pm • Through July31

“Electric Company” 24” X 24” Floor enamel and oil paint

“My world needs rendering” an exhibit of paintings by Jesse Morrow Hensel
August 6 First Friday 5 to 8pm Through August 28
Untitled 1, zinc plate etching, 5 inches X 11.5 inches

Previous Exhibits:


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